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Carpet Shampooing

  • 2 hr
  • From 80 Singapore dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore Regular cleaning and vacuuming on your own are very important to remove dirt and debris from your carpet. Still, self-vacuuming cannot be compared to thorough and expert carpet shampooing and cleaning delivered by carpet cleaning specialists. Self-vacuuming only removes loose particles out of the carpet fibers, whereas expert carpet shampooing services execute deep cleaning of the carpet, inside out, thoroughly removing dirt particles like food crumbs, tar and grease, dust mites and dead skin. With regular carpet cleaning from a specialist in this area, it will prevent wearing out of fibers, prevent dirt from multiplying, and avoid health issues. So, if you’ve noticed these common signs that call for an immediate carpet shampooing session, contact us today for an instant deep carpet cleaning; applicable to both offices and residences in Singapore. Has a worn-out appearance: With foot traffic constantly, dirt and debris are bound to eventually weigh down the fibers in your carpet; having it look flat and ragged. Stubborn stains that won’t budge: Stains usually happen when beverages, food or other substances spill on the carpets. Unable to recall your carpet’s original color: If your carpet’s appearance looks to be a couple of shades darker than what it originally is, it’s time for a cleaning. Discoloration usually happens due to heavy foot traffic, and may be difficult to restore its original color on your own. Detect foul smells: Due to frequent usage, you may smell something funky because of an accumulation of dirt, drops, spills, crumbs, debris, and dust accumulate over time and store up in your rug, causing the stench that you’ve been smelling. Steam Cleaning *Use of hot vapour *99% effective in killing germs, bacteria and allergens *Breakdown of some dirt *More suitable for synthetic fiber Extraction (Deep Cleaning) *Use of specialised chemical and extractor *99% effective in killing germs, bacteria and allergens *Remove most dirt and moisture (including those on surface) *Lighten stains and reduce odour *Highly recommended for natural fiber to prevent shrinkage Leather Cleaning *Use of pH balance, anti-bacterial and in-house professional solution *Disinfect and sanitize *Leather conditioning (prevents dry-out)

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Sin Ming Road, Singapore

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