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2 Hours Housekeeping Service

Ad Hoc 1hrs - $30 Weekly Basis 2hrs - $50

  • 2 hr
  • From 60 Singapore dollars
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

Daily cleaning housework typically involves a set of routine tasks to maintain cleanliness and order in your home. These tasks help ensure that your living space remains comfortable, hygienic, and organized. Here's a list of common daily cleaning housework tasks: Make Beds: Start your day by making the beds in each bedroom. This simple task instantly makes the room look neater. Wash Dishes: After each meal, wash dishes, utensils, and cookware, or load them into the dishwasher. This prevents a buildup of dirty dishes and keeps your kitchen tidy. Wipe Down Countertops: After cooking and eating, wipe down kitchen countertops, tables, and other surfaces to remove crumbs and spills. weep or Vacuum Floors: Depending on your flooring type, sweep or vacuum high-traffic areas to remove dirt and debris. Consider using a robotic vacuum for added convenience. Mop Floors: Give kitchen and bathroom floors a quick mop to remove grime and maintain hygiene. Empty Trash: Regularly empty trash cans in various rooms. Replace trash bags as needed. Wipe Down Bathroom Surfaces: After each use, quickly wipe bathroom sinks, countertops, and faucets to prevent soap scum and water spots. Clean Toilet Bowls: Use a toilet brush to clean the inside of toilet bowls daily or as needed. Tidy Living Areas: Put away items like remote controls, books, and toys in the living room and other common areas.

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Sin Ming Road, Singapore

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